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Creating a Video from Scratch

I was doing some research and have finally worked on putting together a video and posting it on YouTube. (Yes!)

A very interesting experience about going into great detail and the processes.

Planning is so important!

Having an outline of what is to be written, videoed and said is critical to achieving a desired outcome; being good enough for others to want to watch it, while also motivating them to share it amongst friends.

This result may not exactly been what I was looking for, but it has taught me about what to look for and put into a system format so that I am able to show others.( I found a funky little tune though!)

With the growth of video as a marketing tool, I feel it has become important for businesses large and small, to start considering making their own profile video.
There is now the ability to market via a webinar for more than 1,000 viewers while remaining stable. The costs per head are low and while everyone (& their aunty) is offering a free webinar, there are some who are charging for their services.
How would you feel about a webinar that you were charged $10.00 to be part of for gaining valuable information?
Would you value that webinar more because you made a financial commitment?

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