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Who would of thought about romancing money?

Who would of thought about romancing money? What are the possibilities of adding some bliss to your life?


Creating a Video from Scratch

I was doing some research and have finally worked on putting together a video and posting it on YouTube. (Yes!)

A very interesting experience about going into great detail and the processes.

Planning is so important!

Having an outline of what is to be written, videoed and said is critical to achieving a desired outcome; being good enough for others to want to watch it, while also motivating them to share it amongst friends.

This result may not exactly been what I was looking for, but it has taught me about what to look for and put into a system format so that I am able to show others.( I found a funky little tune though!)

With the growth of video as a marketing tool, I feel it has become important for businesses large and small, to start considering making their own profile video.
There is now the ability to market via a webinar for more than 1,000 viewers while remaining stable. The costs per head are low and while everyone (& their aunty) is offering a free webinar, there are some who are charging for their services.
How would you feel about a webinar that you were charged $10.00 to be part of for gaining valuable information?
Would you value that webinar more because you made a financial commitment?

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How is your business able to promote itself virally?

Today I was considering sporting teams and their relationship with their sponsors; businesses who usually are looking for return on their investment.

Skyscraper Reflection
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Consider this:
The club publishes results every weekend that they play which is then fed via a RSS link through to a sponsor‘s Facebook page from the club’s website.

That gives the sponsor the opportunity to give the reader an avenue to find out what the sponsor’s business is involved with. With little or no extra advertising costs, this can be a cheap and regular way of gaining excellent exposure.

Special promotions, links to other associations, promote ideas – anything that is an avenue to gain exposure to add value to their investment.

Another example of this is YGAP(Y GENERATION AGAINST POVERTY) , who are setting up a not-for-profit cafe in Bourke St. Melbourne, Australia.

This cafe is being setup to fund local and overseas projects for improving communities in need. YGAP have sponsors and suppliers who support them in their endeavours of their goals.

iPod shuffle advertising in Melbourne, Australia
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From their blog they are able to tell the wider community through these businesses’ pages. This helps everyone by creating more information about who is helping who.

Generates traffic, traction and in turn sales through loyalty from supporting a cause.

I would love to hear of actual examples of businesses who have teamed up to achieve greater sales through viral sponsorships.

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Is Google a little uncomfortable with Facebook changes?

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I attended a breakfast meeting yesterday and the topic of discussion was about the new changes to Facebook.

These were announced last week at the f8 conference in San Francisco.

After considering what was explained, I feel that there will be huge opportunities for integration of the Facebook platform into websites.

With Like/Recommend button, along with a whole range of social plugins, will allow a whole new form of word of mouth advertising to take place.

I have always found that the best form of advertising for a product or service is via word of mouth, rather than traditional forms of advertising which are expensive and can be ineffective in reaching a target audience.

Listed below are some of the plugins:

Like Button

The Like button lets users share pages from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed plugin shows users what their friends are doing on your site through likes and comments.


The Recommendations plugin gives users personalised suggestions for pages on your site they might like.

‘Like’ Box

The Like box enables users to like your Facebook Page and view its stream directly from your website.

Login with Faces

The Login with Faces plugin shows profile pictures of the user’s friends who have already signed up for your site in addition to a login button.


The Facepile plugin shows profile pictures of the user’s friends who have already signed up for your site.


The Comments plugin lets users comment on any piece of content on your site.

Live Stream

The Live Stream plugin lets your users share activity and comments in real-time as they interact during a live event.

This is going to be a huge shift in the way we as a community do business, virtually by recommendation.

To me that would be enough to make Google shiver in their boots with these changes as it takes away the need to spend huge amounts on Adwords.

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Hints into improving interactions by effectively using social media

I have scoured through pages and they all look the same;  little or no interaction – a quality that has been overlooked by most people when setting up their Facebook pages.

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Even some of the major companies don’t get it right either – post so much ‘news content’ that it becomes the 6:00 news service, only live. I feel that we may be turning into a bunch of Google eyes and not enthusiastic participants.

I advocate that we create “Active” content and that could be just what we are doing at the time of day.  Adam is someone who does this regularly with a large following of people. It works!

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Adam was in a recording studio recently and posted a video-clip of what they were putting together so the producers could get feedback from an audience. What an insight!

The CEO of Ford was online recently on Twitter taking questions. SO many got real pleasure in being able to find out about methods and ideas that may be coming to the market.

The best though is a Wrigley’s chewing gum website. ( This goes completely experiential with a huge WOW factor

So how does this affect your page?

Many types of North American chewing gum from ...
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How are you going at interacting and engaging your followers?

What “test and measure” steps do you have in place? ( that may include the analytics)

Do you use all the free tools from Google, Bing & Yahoo that helps spread the word about you and your unique methods?

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Facebook privacy settings have changed

Facebook today changed the method of how you are able to set your privacy. The idea that privacy can be done simply and effectively, so that the user experience is not compromised.(Even when not very technically proficient)

The other medium that has not been tackled is Google.

Google stores all sorts of information about every movement across the internet and people’s habits, as most people now search via Google.

Google stores this information for 9 months!
There have been other stories written about this recently that would suggest that there are other motives behind doing so rather than just being “helpful”.

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Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
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