Hints into improving interactions by effectively using social media

I have scoured through pages and they all look the same;  little or no interaction – a quality that has been overlooked by most people when setting up their Facebook pages.

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Even some of the major companies don’t get it right either – post so much ‘news content’ that it becomes the 6:00 news service, only live. I feel that we may be turning into a bunch of Google eyes and not enthusiastic participants.

I advocate that we create “Active” content and that could be just what we are doing at the time of day.

http://www.facebook.com/BrandWagon.  Adam is someone who does this regularly with a large following of people. It works!

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Adam was in a recording studio recently and posted a video-clip of what they were putting together so the producers could get feedback from an audience. What an insight!

The CEO of Ford was online recently on Twitter taking questions. SO many got real pleasure in being able to find out about methods and ideas that may be coming to the market.

The best though is a Wrigley’s chewing gum website. (http://www.5react.com) This goes completely experiential with a huge WOW factor

So how does this affect your page?

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How are you going at interacting and engaging your followers?

What “test and measure” steps do you have in place? ( that may include the analytics)

Do you use all the free tools from Google, Bing & Yahoo that helps spread the word about you and your unique methods?

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