YGAP(Y-Generation Against Poverty) Three States of Mind Tour

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Image by quiltingmick / michelle via Flickr
Two youth charity volunteers are taking the ultimate challenge to ride the entire length of Australia‟s east coast in just 25 days, and will be arriving in Sydney on 27th May.

YGAP (Y-Generation Against Poverty) volunteers Jasper Stephens and Natale Matarazzo are riding to raise awareness for YGAP‟s LifeLink initiative, which assists in the prevention of child trafficking in Ghana through a donation program.  The charity, founded by Elliot Costello (son of World Vision CEO Tim Costello) is run entirely by young Australian volunteers.

Covering over 4,100 kilometres the amateur cyclists are attempting to travel through 24 towns and cities during the 25 day challenge.
Jasper Stephens is a commuter cyclist, and has never completed a continuous bike ride of more than 50kms before.

“Our lives today seem to be more and more self obsessed, and there is so much help needed in the world. I might be crazy for doing this, but it‟s worth it to help get the word out there about LifeLink and YGAP.  It‟s going to take a lot of gusto to make it, and we‟re working to get everyone on board!”

Carlton AFL footballer and YGAP Ambassador Chris Judd is proud to support the east coast bike ride. “I couldn’t commend Jasper and Natale more for this incredible effort which says a lot about their commitment to a great cause. I am one hundred percent behind the boys!”

Elliot Costello sees the LifeLink bike ride as a great opportunity for Australians to positively impact the lives of child slaves.

“LifeLink is an incredible opportunity to offer anyone, anywhere in Australia, a practical way to help end child slavery and the destructive impact it has on children of our generation.”

Monies raised through LifeLink will assist in the construction and ongoing support of a medical and educational facility for vulnerable children in Ghana; who are subject to modern day slavery through the fishing industry around the Lake Volta region.

Since YGAP was founded in 2008, the organisation has raised over $250,000 to facilitate development projects across Ghana, Rwanda, Malawi, Bangladesh and Nepal. Through field-based partnerships, YGAP aims to „bridge the gap‟ between the aspiration disadvantaged children have for an education, and the opportunities available to them.

To help stop child trafficking in Ghana sign up to YGAP’s LifeLink program at: www.ygap.com.au/lifelink

To follow the ride http://www.facebook.com/YGAP’sThreeStatesofMindTour

Lake Volta in Ghana
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Image by quiltingmick / michelle via Flickr
Butha-Buthe district in Lesotho
Image by Fihliwe via Flickr
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